Sadly, war crimes are not a thing of the past. Despite progress in the persecution of war criminals in the years since the Leipzig trials, atrocities, including those committed against neutral parties like hospitals, have continued to happen. Read the links below and consider the following Guiding Questions:

Guiding Questions:

    1. Do the sources below describe mistakes or war crimes? What is the difference and how can we tell?
    2. How do the cases in the articles above differ from the case of LLANDOVERY CASTLE? How are they similar?
    3. In the current media atmosphere of misinformation and outright propaganda, how can an individual be sure that what they are reading is true and backed by evidence?
    4. Can you find any other sources that prove or disprove the facts, supposed or otherwise, that are presented in any of the three articles linked below?

Links for further exploration:

Four Syrian hospitals bombed since Russian airstrikes began, doctors say

Civilians and Hospitals Repeatedly Attacked as Bombing Escalates in Northern Syria

U.S. strike on Afghan hospital likely not a mistake, says Doctors Without Borders