Valour Canada is a charitable organization with Canadian citizenship and military history at its core. We develop and provide online content, professional development opportunities for teachers, and educational opportunities for students which foster a deeper understanding of who we are as a nation, in terms of our foreign policy goals and actions, and who we might become individually as humanitarians, military personnel, policy makers, journalists, etc.

We are an organization that believes in student engagement, academic rigour, teacher professional development, innovative teaching and learning practices, and the connection between curriculum and identity. As we grow, and begin to reach beyond our home base of Alberta, we are expanding our online offerings in an attempt to create a community that spans the country from coast to coast to coast.

The Forgotten Fallen film breathes life into four monumental Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice during the First World War and who are some of the 19,000 fallen who have no known grave. The accompanying education project that you can find here delves into the specific case of Margaret Marjory Fraser, the nursing sister who lost her life at the hands of a German submarine which fired a torpedo at the hospital ship upon which she was working, taxiing wounded soldiers across the Atlantic. It is our interest that Canadian teachers and students gain a deeper understanding of the contributions Canadians have made historically and the impact of those contributions on our national and international identity(ies).

Furthermore, we believe that there are existential topics at the heart of these stories that may pique students’ and teachers’ curiosity, drive student-led inquiries into the historical and contemporary implications of these questions, and bridge the gap between knowledge and action beyond the classroom. From the case of Margaret Marjory Fraser, students may want to look into:

    An investigation into the rules of war might lead to an inquiry into the definition, prosecution, and assessment of war crimes, particularly with non-state belligerents (i.e. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc.), as well as,
    • The treatment of war criminals
    • The relationship between victor and vanquished
    • The treatment of war criminals

Valour Canada endeavours to be a dynamic and responsive organization which means listening to and collaborating with our stakeholders. It is our intention to engage members of the community at large, with a particular focus on teachers. We welcome interest and are happy to set up a conversation at your convenience!

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