The following is our Forgotten Fallen video on the First World War - it is set to begin at the point where we discuss Matron Margaret Marjory Fraser, which goes for approximately two minutes.

For those who prefer a text version, please see a transcript of the segment below:

There were about a hundred medical personnel on board, including fourteen Canadian Nursing Sisters and their Matron was Margaret Marjory Fraser.


The Nursing Sisters on the Llandovery Castle, most of them served from the beginning of the war. They had served on the main front in France and in Belgium. Some of them in Greece. They were transferred there in some cases to give them a little bit of a respite from the Western Front. Matron Margaret Fraser was born in New Glasgow in Nova Scotia. She was thirty years old when she enlisted. She was from a famous family, her father was the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. She served in France before she was transferred to the Llandovery Castle in 1918.

In that time not a few of her patients had been German wounded. Many times she had been the first to give a drink of water to their parched lips. She had even written down the dying statements of enemy officers, and the men, transmitting them to their relatives through the Red Cross organization.